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At Eva Group we consider it our responsibility to use our position to promote the moderate consumption and enjoyment of our beverages, emphasising the importance of their responsible consumption and aiming to prevent the harmful situations that their abusive consumption may give rise to.

  • Never allow under-legal-age to consume alcoholic beverages: they are neither physically nor psychologically prepared to tolerate the effects of the consumption of the same. Advise under-18s not to consume alcoholic beverages, as any level of consumption is risky in under-18s.​
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages, never drive: road safety is our collective responsibility. Plan an alternative method of getting home​
  • Never consume alcoholic beverages when pregnant or breastfeeding: alcohol has a harmful effect on the development and growth of your baby.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages while at work: especially if you operate machinery or work at a height.
  • Never consume alcohol if you suffer from any illness that reduces tolerance to alcohol or if you are undergoing medical treatment.​
  • Respect the rights of those who choose not to drink alcohol: if you are a host, provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments.
  • Eat before and during your consumption of alcoholic beverages: food contains calorie content and fat, aiding the metabolism of alcoholic beverages and reducing their harmful effects..
  • Set a good example: be consistent and do what you say you do.
  • Help those that consume alcoholic beverages to excess.
  • Recycle our packaging: recycling is one of many ways in which we can take action to protect our surroundings and look after the environment.