Envasados EVA S.A.U.'s strategy can be defined as a series of activities and actions to be carried out with the aim of achieving profitable and sustained growth. For this we have adopted CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, INNOVATION, PRODUCTIVITY, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, QUALITY and RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT as basic pillars to be able to develop it. And we understand that the only way to successfully develop this strategy successfully is through the entire human team that makes up the company..

Our goals as an organization are:

  • Mission: To offer society natural drinks that add value to our customers and consumers, our people and our environment.
  • Vision: To be a team obsessed with customer satisfaction, with trusted brands, that innovates and respects the environment.
  • Values: Quality, Creativity, Companionship, Commitment, Communication and Consideration. These values have to be the rules of action of all the people who work in the company and are the ones that have to define the models of relationship and action.
  • Comply with the requirements of ISO 14001, BRC Standard and IFS Standard, ensuring continuous improvement in our Management system.


We ensure the compliance of all legal, environmental and hygienic-sanitary requirements and of other regulations to which the organization commits that affect our activity. We are a food industry and as such we have a firm commitment to ensure Food Safety to our end customer by developing an effective Danger Assessment and Critical Control Points. We set ourselves as objectives:

  • Prevent pollution from activities carried out on the site for adequate protection of the environment, as well as promoting the sustainable use of resources.
  • Install a FOOD DEFENSE procedure to identify, mitigate, and monitor potential sources of intentional food pollution.
  • Make every effort to prevent fraud in the ingredients used and controlled on site for adequate consumer protection through good control of approved suppliers.

Our customer concept is broad and it is not limited only to the individuals, legal or physical, who buy our products. Within this concept, we include those who buy from us and those who consume our products, but also internal customers. Each of the people who make up EVA are internal customers and suppliers of a service or product. Therefore, our goal of customer satisfaction includes not only the satisfaction of external customers, but also of internal customers, who are also our coworkers.

In order to carry out our strategy, we understand quality as a day-to-day improvement of our activities, avoiding repetitive errors. This notwithstanding and within our culture and values, we consider that making mistakes is not bad per se. It is better for us to make mistakes than to do nothing. With this attitude we try to spread innovation within the company. Innovation, which will allow us to be able to develop new products and services, and to be able to carry out our business processes differently, with the aim of adding more value to what we offer to our clients. The important thing in EVA is to learn from mistakes.

We understand that it is impossible to develop the above described without the support, participation and commitment of all the people who make up the organization. People, along with customers, are the main asset of the company. Therefore, supporting continuous training, internal communication, team building and motivation are fundamental within our policy of action. Our people have to feel like a company. At the same time, they have to participate in decision-making and get involved in projects that affect the process (processes) in which they collaborate, the activities they carry out and the position they carry out.

Eva Packaging Policy and the system that relies on it is periodically reviewed to verify its adequacy and effectiveness, it is kept up-to-date and it is communicated to all employees and the interested public in general, being at your disposal.

General Dtor.