We have a long history. One hundred years of work have given us experience to learn how to appreciate what is important. The essence. And it is here, in the countryside, where the essence and the origin of all our products is found. We have inherited strong roots that keep us linked to the land. The same land where everything that stands for who we are grows.



THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CLIMATE. The Mediterranean climate gives our fruits the optimal sweetness to achieve the characteristic and unmistakable flavour of our beverages. It is thanks to that fact that we bring out those nuances and textures that make each one of our drinks from our wide product range unique.



In our installations at the foot of the Aralar mountain range, we prepare our wide range of beverages with the same traditional recipe but with the most advanced machinery and techniques. Techniques that also allow us to create new beverage products for new types of consumers. New recipes that are already consumed in many countries on the five continents, where the reason behind their success is the quality of our raw materials and our knowledge of the sector.



The rich, crystalline water of the Aitzarrateta spring that supplies Eva Group lends our products a flavour of their own which is boosted by all of the qualities of this iconic water.

​Additional properties that complete the excellent quality of the entire range of products that we offer.



Improving is a natural part of life and work. At Eva, that is what we have been taught and what we do. Having strong roots allows us to make more than 150 different products and to coordinate all their manufacturing, packaging, labelling and logistics processes. And to offer our customers, in addition, the possibility of tailored products with our guarantee of quality and service.