Envasados EVA, Single-Shareholder Corporation’s strategy can be defined as a series of actions and activities to be developed with the aim of reaching a profitable and sustained growth. In order to do so we have adopted CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, INNOVATION, PRODUCTIVITY, CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT, QUALITY and RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT as our cornerstones. We understand that the only way we can successfully develop this strategy is by means of the whole human team that constitutes the company. 

Our goals as an organisation are the following:

Duty: offering society natural beverages which add value to our clients and consumers, to our people and environment.

Vision: being a team who is obsessed with customer satisfaction and trusted brands, and who innovates and has a respect for the environment. 

Values: quality, creativity, fellowship, commitment, communication and care. These values shall be the rules of conduct of all the company personnel, and they are the ones that shall define relation and action models.

- Meeting the ISO 14001, BRC standard and IFS standard requirements, thus ensuring the constant improvement of our management system.





- Ensuring the fulfilment of all the legal requirements, regulations concerning the environment and health and hygiene, as well as other regulations the company commits to that have an effect on our activity. We are a food industry and as such we undertake a serious commitment to ensure Food Safety to our final client by developing an effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. Our aims are the following:

  • Preventing the contamination of the activities which take place in our site for an appropriate protection of the environment, as well as promoting a sustainable use of resources.

  • Setting a FOOD DEFENCE procedure in order to identify, mitigate and monitor potential sources of deliberate contamination of food.

  • Making every effort to avoid fraud in the ingredients that are used and controlled at the site for an appropriate consumer protection by conducting a good control of the standardised suppliers.

Our concept of customer is wide and it is not limited to solely the natural persons or legal entities that buy our products. In this concept we include not only all those who buy and consume our products, but also our internal customers. Each and every person who is part of EVA is both a customer and an internal supplier of a service or a product. This is why our goal of customer satisfaction includes not only external customer satisfaction, but also internal clients who are, moreover, our co-workers.

In order to carry out our strategy we understand quality as a daily improvement of our activities that prevents repeated mistakes. Nonetheless, according to our culture and values, we consider that making mistakes is not a bad thing per se. In our view it is better to make a mistake than to do nothing. With this approach we are trying to disseminate innovation within the company. This innovation will allow us to develop new products and services, and to carry out our business procedures in a different way, with the aim of adding more value to what we offer to our customers. The crucial thing in EVA is to learn from our mistakes.

We understand that it is impossible to build the aforementioned without the support, participation and commitment of all the people who are part of the organisation. These people, along with our customers, are the company’s main asset. That is why in accordance with our performance policy it is crucial to support continued training, internal communication, team building and motivation. Our people should feel part of the company itself. In turn, they have to be involved in the decision-making and engage with the projects which have an effect on the process (processes) in which the company cooperates, the activities performed and the position held.

Envasados EVA’s Policy and the system which is supported by it are periodically reviewed in order to verify its adequacy and efficiency, it is regularly updated and it is communicated to all the employees and general public who might have an interest, therefore being available to all of them.




General Manager

Eva Group supports responsible consumption.

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