THE APPETISER PAR EXCELLENCE. Eva Grape Juice is 100% natural juice produced by pressing white or red grapes. Full of flavour, aroma and energy, without added preservatives nor sugars, it is the perfect alternative for the whole family and for any time of the day.

White grape juice: 1 L bottle.

White grape juice Pack: 6 x 275 ml.

Black grape juice: 1 L bottle.






THE SWEET TEMPTATION. All the flavour of our best apples, non-carbonated or carbonated, in a refreshing beverage that is ideal as an appetiser.  This beverage is obtained from the sweetest variety of our apples, with an intense fruity aroma and a golden colour that makes it irresistible.

Non-carbonated refreshing apple beverage: 1 L bottle.

Carbonated refreshing apple beverage: 1 L bottle.



A NATURAL SOFT DRINK. The refreshing power of green apples for a moment of intense pleasure. Pure, light and natural because it is 100% apple juice. Sparkling and with a sour touch. A natural soft drink perfect for any time of the day and for any celebration.

Apetitosa: 75 cl bottle.

Apetitosa Pack: 6x275 ml.


THE SUMMER COCKTAIL. Red wine is the base of this typical cocktail which achieves its characteristic flavour by mixing it with a variety of fruits. Orange, lemon, peach, cinnamon… To be served chilled with ice, sliced fruit and good friends.

Sangría: 1 L bottle.

7% ABV



A SPARKLING DRINK. Eva Joven is a fresh, fruity and sparkling rosé wine. A young and fun aperitif wine, with an intense rosy colour and a wide range of fruity aromas that can accompany sweet or savoury dishes alike.  

Eva Joven: 75 cl bottle.

10% ABV

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